Chapter 7: City Energy and Utilities, Desalinator Barge
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Nuclear Flash Desalinator
The largest single use of electricity in California is moving water.

Every reactor ever made can power a flash desalinator.
Flash desalinators use about 30% more energy than reverse osmosis desalinators but require far less expensive maintenance.

Solar desalinators are also possible. 

Nuclear Heat Powered Desalination
Below is a Soviet-Era "Fast Breeder" (invented for it's ability to rapidly produce large volumes of weapons-grade plutonium).
The heat from this one produced 150 megaWatts of electricity and 32 million gallons of desalinated water per day.


(Above) Overview Of Aktau, Kazakastan, BN-350 Fast Breeder Plutonium + Electricity + Desalinated Water Facility

(Above) BN-350 Control Room's Graphic Panel Showing Connections Of All Components


















Using Oil To Heat Flash Desalinators.

(Above) Shoaiba Power Plant + Flash Desalination Facility In Saudi Arabia. 
75% of Saudi Arabia's fresh water is desalinated.  Use of water for agriculture is generally forbidden.  Most food is imported.
The Mideast has about 1,500 flash desalination plants, Saudi Arabia, 30. 
Desalination plants consume a significant portion of Mideast oil output.  Shoaiba consumes two tankers of oil per day.

How A Modern TRISO Reactor Power Plant Barge
Could Also Heat A Flash Desalinator
(Below) How a desalination plant could be heated using some portion of the bottom end of a nuclear power barge's turbogenerator energy.

Electrically Powered Reverse Osmosis Desalinator
(Below) Tampa, Florida's, 25 Million Gallon Per Day Desalinator. 
The Largest Reverse Osmosis Desalination Facility In The Western Hemisphere.

Possibly the best explanation of reverse osmosis you will ever see.
(Full disclosure)  The author was part of an engineering team that built a "better than distilled water" industrial RO system for making pharmaceuticals at Upjohn [Pfizer] during the 1970s.



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