Chapter 4: Electricity Decarbonization, Small Coal
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Small Coal Power Plants - Under 300 megaWatts
Converting small coal power plants
into larger oxyoil Zero Emission Power Plants (ZEPPs)
Note: At this time there are no commercial CO2 atmosphere combustion turbines.


Database References - D:\2.176 ----- WMU Partners with energy company to inject carbon dioxide underground, flush out leftover oil


Lights = Cities = Power Plants       The world has 25,000 small coal power plants.
Overwhelming numbers of converted small coal burning power plants can overwhelm Climate Change. 


Adding a Carbon-capture Kit to a standard General Electric "FlexEfficiency 60" 750 megaWatt combined cycle power plant to
convert a coal burning power plant to a zero-emissions power plant.  
Similar zero-CO2 kits can be added to the world's thousands of gas and oil combined cycle power plant jet engines.

(Below) The GE FlexEfficiency 60 combined cycle power plant with CO2 capture kit but omitting the GE steam turbine and set up for attaching to existing coal powered steam turbine instead.

Many Economic, Energy, and Logistic Synergies Exist for Small Coal Plants Upgraded to oxyoil ZEPPs.


Tampa's "Bayside" power station
An old steam plant repowered by 7 jet engine turbine-generators heating 7 heat recovery boilers to power two of the old coal steam turbines.
The original coal boiler house is far left, turbine gallery left, 7 new jet engine turbines upper right, 7 heat recovery steam boilers lower right.



 (Below) Going for the optional really big profits:
Small power plant with added Air CO2 Capture and Vehicle Fuel facility to take advantage of nighttime oxygen availability.

Reminder: How the night oxygen availability part works
(Below) Small air reduction plant to manufacture the oxygen.




Air Scrubbing By Using A Small OxyOil Repowered Coal Power Plant's Night Oxygen + Energy 

(Below) How Ambient Air CO2 Capture Works.






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