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"The rising carbon dioxide footprint may be troublesome, but it is a side effect of the creation of immense benefits." - Peter Allitt, quoted by M.J. Kelly.
Energy is the master resource. Without energy nothing happens. The more energy we have, the richer we are. The United States is a 10,000 Watt society; Mexico, 2,000 W; Haiti, 500W.

Part1:   Yesterday and Tomorrow

1.  About  Stopping Climate Change  (To Chapter Directory) 

Part 2:  The Gateways to Abundant Disposable Energies

  2.  Advanced Nuclear Energy   (To Chapter Directory)  
  3.  Advanced Biofuel Energy   (To Chapter Directory)  

Part 3:  The Era of Decarbonization: Between now and 2050.

  4.  The Decarbonization of Electricity   (To Chapter Directory)
  5.  The Carbon Neutralization of Fire   (To Chapter Directory)  
  6.  Cogeneration of Heat and Power (CHP) for Building Complexes   (To Chapter Directory)  
  7   City Residential Energy and Utility Systems     (To Chapter Directory) 

Part 4:  Beyond Energies

  8Energy Efficiency    (To Chapter Directory)  
  9.  Population, Resiliency, and Adaptation: Surviving in a Severely Climate Changed World    (To Chapter Directory)  


About: This is an unfunded personal web site by a retired control systems engineer dedicated to educating the public about ending Climate Change by using traditional nuclear reactor energy for community electricity production and to also use advanced (high, and very high, temperature) nuclear energy to synthesize biofuels using the air's carbon-neutral carbon dioxide as feedstock as a way of making carbon-neutral combustion fires available for personal use by all the world's people.  Nothing more. 
All material on this web site was gathered from the internet and is being cited here for educational purposes only without any author's or publisher's knowledge.
Some material has been annotated by this web site's author. Items will be upgraded, replaced, or removed as better material becomes available.

This site's suggestions need to be properly vetted by competent engineering companies such as Bechtel or Fluor before anyone should consider taking these suggestions to the bank. 
The Devil hides in the details. Engineering a detailed preliminary design of a pilot plant for something untried is a good way to vet an idea.



1980 Honeywell "Alpha-Delta 3,000" large building complex energy management system computer installation engineered by author.

Plasma Gasification of Biomass

Principally all carbon and hydrogen atoms from biomass can be used for syngas production if biomass is heated to sufficiently high temperature. Maximum biomass to syngas conversion efficiency is achieved if all carbon is oxidized to CO. As most of biomass materials contain more carbon atoms than oxygen atoms, some oxygen has to be added to gasify all carbon. This can be done by addition of oxygen, air, steam or CO2.