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1  Unneeded Old Coal Power Plant Site          2  New Electricity Generator Building       
3  Power Plant Choices          3a  Pilot Plant Power          3b  Carbon Capture Power          3c  NuScale Nuclear Reactor          3d  ThorCon Nuclear Reactor          3e  General Atomics Nuclear Reactor         

4  Hydrogen and Steam Generators          5  Biomass Preparation          6  Plasma Torch Biomass Gasifier          7  Biosynfuel Refinery          8  Biosynfuel Product Processes

There is a need for someone, somewhere, to publicize a comprehensive example of the great variety of fossil fuel replacement applications that can, and eventually will, be powered by the world's emerging fleet of small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs).
This web site is a start. Everything here can be bought or built today.

Clean Energy Parks to Electrify Everything Possible, Replace Oil and Natural Gas with Equivalent CO2-Neutral Biosynfuels

Clean Energy Parks Sitemap

      Introductory Tour
      The Technology

  1.  Unneeded Old Coal Power Plant Site
  2.  New Electricity Generator Building
Power Plant Choices
            3    Power Plant Choices
            3a  Pilot Plant
            3b  Carbon Capture Power
            3c  NuScale Underground Nuclear Reactor
            3d  ThorCon Underground Nuclear Reactor
            3e  General Atomics Underground Reactor
  4.  Hydrogen & Steam Generators, Desalinator 
  5.  Biomass Preparation
  6.  Plasma Torch Biomass Gasifier
  7 Carbon-neutral Direct Replacement Liquid Fuels
  8.  Catalytic Biosynfuel Refinery


Footnotes & Links