Chapter 1.2.1:  Replacing Coal
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Job 1. Replacing Coal: coal2nuclear.
Replacing coal with nuclear is a natural. They both take lots of people, large handling systems, and are messy and dangerous.
Neither coal nor nuclear are fuels the average person should use. Oil and natural gas are convenient, clean, and easy to make safe.

1,200 of the world's approximately 60,000 coal burning electricity plants are responsible for about 30% of ALL Climate Change. Repowering this 2% of all coal power plants with nuclear would be a quick and relatively easy way to give Climate Change a big setback. (Click to enlarge.)

Here is what this this web site is suggesting: Pick the low-hanging CO2 fruit first - the world's easy, cheap, and relatively young 1,200 mega-coal plants. 

The largest is Taichung, Taiwan. This web page describes how it's coal burning boilers can be replaced with molten salt nuclear steam generators.  Taichung  >

In the United States, Big Bend, Apollo Beach, Florida (just South of Tampa) is number 260 in the list of the world's 1,200 largest coal power plants.  Big Bend  >

ThorCon also has a neat idea for powering coastal cities with nuclear barges like the Russians and Chinese. ThorCon named it the ThorConIsle.     ThorConIsle  >


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