Chapter 1.2.1: Stopping Climate Change, Replacing Coal
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Job 1. Replacing Coal.

1,200 of the world's approximately 60,000 coal burning are responsible for about 30% of ALL Climate Change. Repowering this 2% of all coal power plants with nuclear would be a quick and relatively easy way to give Climate Change a big setback. (Click to enlarge.)

Here is what this this web site is suggesting: Pick the low-hanging CO2 fruit first - the world's easy, cheap, and relatively young 1,200 mega-coal plants. 

The largest is Taichung, Taiwan. This web page describes how it's coal burning boilers can be replaced with molten salt nuclear steam generators.  Taichung  >

In the United States, Big Bend, Apollo Beach, Florida (just South of Tampa) is number 260 in the list of the world's 1,200 largest coal power plants.  Big Bend  >

ThorCon also has a neat idea for powering coastal cities with nuclear barges like the Russians and Chinese. ThorCon named it the ThorConIsle.     ThorConIsle  >


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