Chapter 3: Advanced Carbon Captured Combustion Energy, Plasma Biofuels Gasifier
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  Plasma Biofuels Gasifier

Fossil fuel powered carbon capture is likely to make the environmental crisis worse.  Below is a biofuel path that looks more promising.
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How it works.
How Plasma Torch Pyrolization Works:
Alter Plasma (Westinghouse):
Alter Overview Video: 


Pyrolysis is the basis of several methods that are being developed for producing fuel from biomass, which may include either crops grown for the purpose or biological waste products from other industries. Crops studied as biomass feedstock for pyrolysis include native North American prairie grasses such as switchgrass and bred versions of other grasses such as Miscantheus giganteus. Crops and plant material wastes provide biomass feedstock on the basis of their lignocellulose portions.

Although synthetic diesel fuel cannot yet be produced directly by pyrolysis of organic materials, there is a way to produce similar liquid (bio-oil) that can be used as a fuel, after the removal of valuable bio-chemicals that can be used as food additives or pharmaceuticals. Higher efficiency is achieved by flash pyrolysis, in which finely divided feedstock is quickly heated to between 350 and 500 C (660 and 930 F) for less than 2 seconds.

Fuel bio-oil can also be produced by hydrous pyrolysis from many kinds of feedstock, including waste from pig and turkey farming, by a process called thermal depolymerization (which may, however, include other reactions besides pyrolysis).   - Wikipedia - 


Carbon Capture can be Added to the U.S. Capitol's power house.    To Article  >
"The Congress of the United States should not only be a model for the nation, but also a good neighbor." - - - Nancy Pelosi
This can make our Capitol the world's first carbon-negative capitol.
Complexes such as universities, offices, factories, hospitals, airports, military bases, shopping centers, condominiums.
 This idea is important because of the U.S. Billion-ton Biofuel Program: 
METHANOL - Proponents of Methanol Economy win 1 Million Dollar Prize .pdf


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