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Front Page                           About the history, harm, and dimensions of Climate Change

Harvesting Climate Change    A scientific paper advocating Direct Air Capture and Storage of CO2 using activated Magnesium Oxide pebbles spread out on farm fields. This website is suggesting scaling this up Globally to knock out Climate Change.

CO2 Disposal Wells              CO2 is compressed into a liquid, has 'CarbFix' added, then is injected deep underground where it will turn into solid limestone.

Allam Electricity                    A power plant running on a newly patented thermodynamic cycle that can turn Switchgrass Biomass, Natural Gas, Coal or Lignite into liquid CO2 ready for pumping deep underground for solid limestone storage.

NuScale Nuclear                   An extremely conservatively engineered simplified conventional nuclear power plant consisting of up to a dozen small reactors featuring the new melt-down proof fuel rods developed by Lightbridge Company.

Notes                                   Minimal Index, Climate Change Technology Definitions.

Prolog                                  A little story about how technology sometimes ends human-caused natural disasters unexpectedly. 


Climate Change Technology Definitions

WARMING OUR PLANET:  Make Positive Carbon Emissions           
DECARBONIZATION:        Make Carbon Emissions Neutral           
COOLING OUR PLANET:   Make Biomass Emissions Negative (Store in the ground)
COOLING OUR PLANET:   Direct Air CO2 Capture (Store in the ground)


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