Presented largely for my own edification, simple images about Advanced Energy Systems in the face of Climate Change, Rising Demand, and Legacy Infrastructure.
Why FireFromFission?  In the very long run, virtually all mankind's dispatchable heat energy applications will have be powered by zero CO2 nuclear.
Our heat will come from nuclear fission, be stored in molecules such as carbon-neutral methanol made from air's CO2, and be cleanly released as needed by combustion.

The world is on the wrong path thinking wind and solar can stop Climate Change.  87% of our energy comes from heat, not electricity.

Climate Change panic is unjustified.    CO2 Is Becoming Saturated And Tuckered Out As A Greenhouse Gas.  >

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Stopping Climate Change (18 slide presentation)  

Ways to pull Climate Changing CO2 OUT of the Air
The suggestions below are from the CO2-recycling for combustion fuels part of the Fire From Fission concept.

Nuclear Powered Direct Air CO2 Capture System

 "Skyscrubber", Nuclear Powered Direct Air CO2 Capture System  >        

Fossil fuel powered carbon capture is likely to make the environmental crisis worse.  Below is a biofuel path that looks promising.

Carbon Capture can be Added to the U.S. Capitol's power house.    To Article  >
"The Congress of the United States should not only be a model for the nation, but also a good neighbor." - - - Nancy Pelosi
This can make our Capitol the world's first carbon-negative capitol.
Complexes such as universities, offices, factories, hospitals, airports, military bases, shopping centers, condominiums.
Both biofuel oil and pumped oil are excellent fuels for cogenerator carbon capture.   more>  more>  The U.S. Billion-ton Biofuel Program: 


Fire fuel molecules that can be carbon-neutral and cheap to synthesize.
(Below) The Carbon-neutral Methanol molecules we can make from CO2 from Air and
Hydrogen and Oxygen from water and burn in today's cars instead of Gasoline or Ethanol.
Natural Gas IS Methane so it is not a substitute.
A similar
propane-like molecule, dimethyl ether, makes a great replacement for Diesel.

(Gas) Carbon-neutral Natural Gas Replacement                                         (Liquid) Carbon-neutral Gasoline Substitute                                
Flex-Fuel cars (Gasoline +/or Ethanol E85) could have their computers reprogrammed to include Methanol M85.  Methanol is really cheap.

Using nuclear heat to split Water into Hydrogen and Oxygen to make Methane and Methanol molecules.
The suggestion below is the hydrogen and oxygen from water part of the Fire From Fission concept.  To Article  >

Cars that run on pure hydrogen and emit only pure water are becoming available. 


To obtain a quality introduction into the energy and sustainability 'Big Picture' from a highly recognized engineer/professor download:

M.J. Kelly, a University of Cambridge electrical engineering professor, Lessons from technology development for energy and sustainability   (12 page pdf)


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After looking intermittently into different aspects of Climate Change since about 1970, It's beginning to dawn on this author that the benefits mankind derives from possessing and controlling the heat of fossil fuels far outweighs the harm mankind has suffered so far. - JH 2016.