Chapter 1.4.1:  Energy Worlds
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Energy Worlds

What would other energy worlds look like?


1.  What would a modern industrialized world powered only by biosynfuel equivalent biosynfuels energy look like?

This web site's rough order-of-magnitude guesstimate for ALL global energy - both electricity AND combustion heat - for the world by 2050:
  2,000 large 1,500 megaWatt water cooled and/or molten salt cooled (also called "Liquid Fission") nuclear reactors for mega-city electricity.
5,000 500 mW(e) ThorCon coal-boiler-to-nuclear conversion steam generators to quickly and cheaply fix the 2% of large coal power plants that are making 30% of all Climate Change.
300 "ThorConIsles" barge mounted nuclear power plants for coastal populations in second and third world countries to preempt the building of over 2,000 new coal power plants.
150,000 medium 300 to 25 mW molten salt cooled nuclear reactors for smaller city electricity.
  100,000 small 50 to 5 mW helium cooled very high temperature pebble bed nuclear reactors (VHTR) for both carbon-neutral liquid fuel and gas heating fuel synthesis processes.
  One or more islands in the Ross Sea (Antarctica) plus the Sub-seabed Solution for isolation of radioactive worn-out nuclear reactors, nuclear barge power plants, waste nuclear fuel.
  5,000 nuclear powered sea water desalinators for both cities and agriculture.
  Miscellaneous small sources of intermittent wind, solar, and hydro electricity.
  600+ VHTR nuclear and/or carbon captured depleted oil processed biomass synfuel equivalent fuel refineries evolved from  today's oil refineries  producing unlimited volumes of "drop-in" gasoline, dimethyl ether diesel, jet fuel, and heating gas.  These would be synthetic combustion fuels beyond carbon-neutral fossil fuels that are either half as expensive or twice as powerful.
For the United States, the "Billion Ton Biomass" program needs to be dedicated to supplying biomass to the biomass synfuel combustion fuel refineries - not burning any biomass to power them.  
Object Total: 262,900 - That's 262 thousand, 900, folks!
 The more objects, the less likely it will happen, the more expensive and less reliable it will be.
Reference:  World electric power plant reference:  Perhaps the most complete database of it's type.

  Oh, yes, and the progression of Climate Change would be stopped and perhaps partially reversed.


2.  What would a modern industrialized world powered only by Wind, Water, and Solar energy look like?

Stanford University is looking at what it might take to provide all global energy using only wind, water, and solar power:
2.5 million 5-mW wind turbines (60/40 mix of on- and off-shore) (37%)
  409,000 0.75-mW wave generators (0.5%)
  935 100-mW geothermal plants (0.7%)
  1,058 1.300 -mW hydroelectric plants (4%)
  30,000 1-mW tidal turbines (0.06%)
  1.8 billion 5-kW residential rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) systems (15%)
  75 million 100-kW commercial PV systems (12%)
  250,000 50-mW solar PV plants (21%)
  21,500 100-mW concentrating solar power (CSP) plants with thermal storage (10%)
  13,000 100-mW CSP plants with thermal storage (additional for grid support)
  85,000 50-mW solar thermal storage plants (for direct heating) 
Object Total: 1,878,310,493 - That's 1 billion, 878 million, 310 thousand, 493, folks!  The more objects, the less likely it will happen, the more expensive and less reliable it will be.
Reference: 199 page pdf draft:  [].This is a valuable work-in-progress, well worth studying if only to learn the mindset of those opposed to nuclear. 


3. What would a "Clean and Doable Liquid Fission (LF) Energy Roadmap for Powering Our World" look like?


4. Renewables vs. Carbon-neutrals vs. Nuclear?, or, should it be, Nuclear + Carbon-neutrals + Renewables?