Chapter 2: Advanced Nuclear Energy, EM2 Reactor
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TRISO Fueled, Helium Gas Cooled, High Temperature Reactors (HTGRs)

General Atomics' EM2 TRISO Fueled Helium Gas Cooled Reactor
From the company that pioneered the Ft. St. Vrain HTGR power plant.

30-years Between Refueling TRISO Helium Gas High Temperature Reactors 
General Atomics EM2_presentation - 14 Slides .pdf 
Also:     EM2 Assessment Report .pdf

Here, we reach an interesting point in nuclear power plant technology.  A nuclear electricity power plant packaged much like an automobile.  Factory packaged technology intended for people more interested in using it rather than fussing with it.  Like airplanes in a third-world country.

It's electrical output of 240 megaWatts is too large to be considered small and too small to be considered large.  A Goldilocks size power plant if there ever was one.

It is a different duck in many ways.  While the reactor's core might run 30 years between refueling, the high speed gas turbine is rated at 7 years.  The turbine runs at a non-standard speed for a utility power plant generator - 4,400 - rpm and it is capable of producing either 50 or 60 Hertz electricity. 









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