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Sucking Climate Change From The Air With Mechanical Trees        Class VI CO2 Disposal Wells

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1. Sucking Climate Change From The Air     Absorption of air's CO2 using the massive harvesting methods of mechanized farming.

2. Class VI CO2 Disposal Wells     CO2 disposal wells used to permanently deep store captured compressed toxic liquid carbon dioxide in soft limestone form by adding a hardening chemical called "CarbFix" developed by Iceland.   


See also:     AR6 Climate Change 2021: 'The Physical Science Basis'    The full 2021 IPCC AR6 report is now available for downloading.

National Energy Technology Laboratoryís 2020 Compendium of Carbon Capture Technology,
Provides a technical summary of the Labís Carbon Capture program.  Available for viewing online.
                                             U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY    2020 Compendium of Carbon Capture Technology    (818 page pdf) 

Advanced Nuclear Reactor Technology: A Primer
The Nuclear Innovation Alliance (NIA) has published a primer on advanced nuclear reactor technologies.
The 48-page PDF file is available for free by downloading it from the organizationís website.
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