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INTRODUCTION:  Attacking Climate Change From Both Ends   
Burying Climate Changing CO2    CO2 Disposal Wells    The Electricity & Hydrogen Nuke Next Door    The Allam Cycle    Water    Geoengineering


Attacking Climate Change From Both Ends: Removing Old Excess CO2 From the Air:

Attacking Climate Change From Both Ends    We shouldn't wait until after 2050 to begin work on the 500 billion ton legacy of CO2 already in the air. This is the CO2 cloud that is causing our current Climate Change damage.

Burying Climate Changing CO2    A scientific paper advocating Direct Air Capture and Storage of the CO2 in the air by spreading de-CO2'd Magnesium Oxide pebbles on fields, then recovering their absorbed CO2.

CO2 Disposal Wells         Once the CO2 is extracted from the treated Magnesium Oxide pebbles, it is compressed into a liquid, has 'CarbFix' added, then is injected deep underground where it will turn into solid limestone.

The Nuke Next Door        The United States has largely phased out it's coal power plants, replacing them with large numbers of natural gas turbines located near their customers to reduce cost and increase reliability. Tiny nukes will replace them.

The Allam Cycle               A new thermodynamic cycle that uses supercritical CO2 instead of steam as the working fluid. Once running, some of this supercritical CO2 can be extracted, liquefied, and injected into a Class VI CO2 disposal well.

Water                              Like Magic - but based upon science - and available for sale today if you have the money. Solar cells, wind turbines and tiny nuclear reactors pulling substantial amounts of water from dry air in the middle of a desert.

Geoengineering               Altering the atmosphere's chemistry to reduce the amount of heat the Sun can deliver to Planet Earth's surface to reduce the heat load of Climate Change.


See also:     AR6 Climate Change 2021: 'The Physical Science Basis'    The full 2021 IPCC AR6 report is now available for downloading.

National Energy Technology Laboratoryís 2020 Compendium of Carbon Capture Technology,
Provides a technical summary of the Labís Carbon Capture program.  Available for viewing online.
                                             U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY    2020 Compendium of Carbon Capture Technology    (818 page pdf) 

Advanced Nuclear Reactor Technology: A Primer
The Nuclear Innovation Alliance (NIA) has published a primer on advanced nuclear reactor technologies.
The 48-page PDF file is available for free by downloading it from the organizationís website.
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