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Front Page   1. Harvesting Climate-Changing CO2 from The Air    2. Class VI CO2 Disposal Wells    3. Beautiful Unlimited Nuclear Electricity   4. Clean Combustion Vehicle Fuels  

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Front Page     The Coming Climates: "Fireball" Earth and it's eventual encore: "Snowball" Earth.

1. Harvesting Climate-Changing CO2 from the Air     Weathering mineral absorption of air's CO2 using the massive seeding and harvesting methods of mechanized farming.

2. Class VI CO2 Disposal Wells     CO2 disposal wells used to permanently deep store captured compressed toxic liquid carbon dioxide in soft limestone form by adding a hardening chemical called "CarbFix" developed by Iceland.   

3. Beautiful Unlimited Nuclear Electricity     Nuclear electricity power plants located on closed coal power plant sites near cities reusing the existing electricity transmission networks for unlimited extremely cheap power.

4. Clean Combustion Vehicle Fuels     Oil companies are frantically researching chemical processes with computer chemistry that will produce very cheap, climate-safe (Carbon Neutral), synthetic oil combustion fuel replacement processes powered by nuclear electricity from coal and oil. Sasol, Ltd. in South Africa, has done it for years.  During World War II (1939-1945), Germany used synthetic-oil manufacturing (German: Kohleverflüssigung) to produce substitute (Ersatz) oil products by using the Bergius process (from coal), the Fischer–Tropsch process (water gas), and other methods (Zeitz used the TTH and MTH processes).  Much better, far more profitable, synthetic fuels - mostly from coal -  are currently being discovered and developed by the leading oil companies on the world's most powerful (and expensive) super-computers.


See also:     AR6 Climate Change 2021: 'The Physical Science Basis'    The full 2021 IPCC AR6 report is now available for downloading.

National Energy Technology Laboratory’s 2020 Compendium of Carbon Capture Technology,
Provides a technical summary of the Lab’s Carbon Capture program.  Available for viewing online.
                                             U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY    2020 Compendium of Carbon Capture Technology    (818 page pdf) 

Advanced Nuclear Reactor Technology: A Primer
The Nuclear Innovation Alliance (NIA) has published a primer on advanced nuclear reactor technologies.
The 48-page PDF file is available for free by downloading it from the organization’s website.
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