Chapter 1: Energy Park - Part 9 of 10 - A Nuclear Powered Energy Park
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A Nuclear Powered Energy Park

Stopping Climate Change by replacing all fossil fuels with equivalent biosynfuels.

Replacing The Fire - Not The Fireplace - slides   (Much quicker and cheaper than rebuilding everything.)

For the Early Carbon Neutralization Era Between 2017 and 2030

What would a nuclear powered Energy Park look like?

Stopping Climate Change by replacing all fossil fuels with equivalent biosynfuels.

It is possible the world's oil companies could simply phase in biosynfuels and phase out their fossil fuel products.
(Oil companies phase different fuels in and out constantly.  Think no-lead gasoline, E-85 ethanol, biodiesel, fracking, etc.)  (Various Fuels.)
Biosynfuels, plus carbon captured or nuclear electricity, would sidestep the time and cost to stop Climate Change by any other means.
The prerequisite for this scenario is the availability of massive amounts of very hot heat - either carbon captured depleted oil field oil or nuclear.

Bioenergy Park: Electricity + Biosynfuels, Powered by Nuclear Energy.
Using advanced nuclear fuels and reactors to manufacture advanced biosynfuels to replace all fossil fuels.

Dr. Forsberg's slides show how: Nuclear-Hydrogen-Biomass System - Slides - Dr Charles W. Forsberg .pdf    Nuclear-Hydrogen-Biomass System - Paper - Dr Charles W. Forsberg .pdf
There is sufficient biomass to meet U.S. liquid-fuel needs if the energy and hydrogen inputs for biomass-to-fuel processing plants are provided by advanced nuclear energy

Bioenergy Parks: Key To Carbon Neutralizing* The World.

The United States could have a Clean Energy Park next to every city large enough to have garbage and sewage collection and disposal systems.

*Carbon neutralizing means switching from the temperature-increasing global warming carbon found in all fossil fuels from the ground to the temperature-neutral biomass carbon found in the carbon plants gather from the air. 

Carbon is an essential ingredient in common solid, liquid, and gaseous combustion fuels.  We need to CARBON NEUTRALIZE the world's oil and heating gas fuels by replacing the Climate Changing ingredient - fossil fuel carbon - with Climate Neutral biofuel carbon harvested from biomass.  To a large extent, the only other ingredient in most fuels is hydrogen, which we can easily extract from water.

There is no reason we can't start on this largest aspect of Climate Change mitigation immediately and let the windmill and solar panel folks duke it out with the nuclear folks for the smallest slice of the Climate Change mitigation pie.




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