8B. Allam Cycle vs. Conventional BECCS
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Allam Cycle vs. Conventional BECCS - Both Natural Gas Fuel
BECCS is a new technology. . . Wind, solar, nuclear, coal, oil, natural gas, can't be used to roll back Climate Change.

Allam Cycle

This is how the newly developed 'Allam' technology - which was recently patented - could be implemented in a potentially more efficient and cleaner BECCS facility.
Perhaps as efficient as a standard non-emission-controlled 'CO2 Dirty' combined cycle natural gas plant, but having no CO2 slippage.


Conventional BECCS

This is how today's standard BECCS technology - which was patented in the 1930s - could be implemented.
The amine facility and the constant amine replacement is both an additional capital (CAPEX) and operating expense (OPEX).
Perhaps 75% as efficient as a standard combined cycle natural gas plant, with ~10% CO2 slipping past the absorber column.

Conventional BECCS technology performance. Cost of parasitic electricity would be 67 times $50 per megaWatt-hour times 8,760 hours per year or $29,346,000 / yr.
CB&I = Chicago Bridge and Iron. As it happened, they did both the above study and the actual physical Allam demonstration plant in La Porte, Texas. (Two completely different contracts.)


Both plants could have a wood, coal, or lignite fuel-to-synthetic natural gas front end added.

The conventional combined cycle plant happened to be about twice as powerful as the Allam sCO2 plant.