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A Quick Tour
The world's oil industry has the capacity - personnel, know-how, equipment, and economic ability -
to quickly rescue the world from the growth of Climate Change if the world would make it worth their while.

They have the capacity to quickly upgrade unneeded coal power plant sites to become Renewable Fuel Factories

The largest portion of civilization's "hands-on" mechanical energy will always be sourced either directly or indirectly from liquid fueled heat engines.

This website is based upon the understanding that fossil fuels will always be preferred as long as clean energy fuels are more expensive.

Would it be worth living with nuclear's problems if that's what it took to end Climate Change's problems?

It's unrealistic to think liquid fossil fuels - oil and natural gas - can be completely replaced by carbon-neutral renewable fuels - perhaps 80% is more realistic.

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Using Carbon-captured Fossil Energy to Replace Fossil Fuels with Biofuels

Climate Plan 'B' is to use the oil industry to make renewable carbon-neutral drop-in replacement combustion fuels to stop Climate Change's growth.

What is currently being suggested as a remedy for Climate Change is naive and overly optimistic hopeful thinking by people who did not cause Climate Change. Climate Plan B is based upon technology developed by energy industry folks with a proven track record of delivering results. Some of this energy technology can be used to halt the intensification of Climate Change beyond what has already been programmed into the environment.

The basic thinking behind Climate Plan B's Renewable Biosynfuel Factory's concepts are that unneeded coal power plant sites are unneeded because they are burning coal. Not because it's electricity has been completely replaced by windmills. Typically, only about 1/3 of an electrical grid can be powered by intermittent wind before it runs into severe stability problems.

These days, the typical cure for this is to add fast-responding gas turbine generation connected in a combined cycle generation configuration. Unlike coal and large nuclear, gas turbines - which are actually aeroderivative jet airplane engines - can increase and decrease their power output very rapidly to compensate for the wind surges and lulls of large wind farms also connected to the same electricity grid.

Aeroderivative combined cycle gas turbine power plants, physically much smaller than the coal power plant's equipment for the same electricity output, can often be installed on the same site adjacent to the unneeded coal power plant and use some of the site's now unneeded electrical equipment to transmit it's electricity to the same load via the existing grid.

The aeroderivative gas turbine is electrically agile and capable of providing stabilizing "fill-in" electricity to grids being fed by large amounts of wind and solar electricity. Think of that quick surge of power you feel as the jet airplane you are in begins it's take-off run.


A Quick Tour Around The Renewable Biosynfuel Factory

1      Existing Coal Power Plant Sites: The image in the top banner depicts the starting point of perhaps the only feasible way 10 billion people can power an affluent modern life without creating more CO2.  The banner below it depicts an unneeded medium size coal power plant site converted to manufacture the basic energies needed to power affluent modern life - i.e., one where machines, not slaves, do most of life's grunt work without creating more CO2.

This industrial facility is called an "Renewable Fuel Factory". It's power - it's source of heat and electricity - is likely to be 300 megaWatt(e) Toshiba-built Allam carbon capturing turbines. An energy park's products are electricity and carbon-neutral gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, methanol, and perhaps synthetic "natural" gas.

2      New Electricity Generator Building: 


4      Hydrogen and Steam Generators: The steam generators and their associated water treatment systems come as standard components in power plant packages. Hydrogen generators are not part of a electricity plant. Here is where we do something unthinkable if our electricity came from feeble, unreliable windmills - we use a big chunk of electricity to make a lot of 1,800F heat to power the sulfur-iodine thermochemical process of splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen.

5      Biomass Preparation:  Sewage, Garbage (Municipal Solid Waste), Agwaste (Manure, Corn Stover, Wood Pellets, and a thousand other plant things that make up Biomass), Black Liquor (the wood lignin waste product from paper making. Paper mills make a lot of it and they power most of their operations themselves with it now.

6      Plasma Gasifier: Carbon-neutral (or Net-zero CO2) fuel means that when these combustion fuels are burned they do not add additional CO2 to the environment. If you think about the implications of the park's hotter than the sun (over 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit) plasma gasifier reducing garbage's molecular components to their basic atoms and embedded metals to stratified molten slag along with recycling carbon in the form of CO2, you may come to realize Renewable Biosynfuel Factories are a major gateway to an environmentally clean future where everything that passes through the gasifier - plant and mineral - becomes sustainable feedstock for future use.

7      Catalytic Biosynfuel Refinery:  The experts say "Use carbon captured fossil power to make methanol." I understand and believe them.

8      Carbon-neutral Direct Replacement Liquid Fuels:  A look at a few popular combustion fuels - methanol, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, natural gas (methane) - and how carbon-neutral versions can be synthesized economically.


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One of many oil refineries in Texas.


The oil industry is everywhere - huge and ready to quickly rescue the world from Climate Change's relentless growth.

All the environmentalist's leaders need to do is to think as clearly as oil executives.


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Footnotes & Links

The unneeded power plant your author has in mind is a small single unit coal power plant located over a prime Carbon Capture disposal strata in Michigan.



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