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About "Stopping Climate Change"

1       1.1.0   About "Stopping Climate Change" >
   Stopping Climate Change with nuclear along with doubling the per capita Watts/Joules of carbon-neutral energies.
         1.1.1   Skyscrubber: Nuclear Powered Direct Air Capture of CO2
         1.1.2   Web Site Lite
         1.1.3   About "Carbon-Neutral" Combustion Fuels
          Youtube Video:
                   The moral case for fossil fuels - Alex Epstein: 

2    Climate Change's Economic Aspects
The "Utility-Scale Battery" Wind and Solar need to become a practical alternative to Nuclear
Making Energy Decarbonization Profitable

3    Climate Change's Technical Aspects
1.3.2  Sizing Up Climate Change  The physical dimensions of Climate Change and the challenges and opportunities it presents.
A Closer Look At Fossil Fuels  Evolution of the hydrogen-to-carbon ratio in the world's primary fuel mix.
 Replacing Coal, Oil, and Natural Gas with Direct Nuclear (coal), Bio-Methanol (oil), and Bio-Methane (natural gas)
         1.3.5  CO2 Is Becoming Tuckered Out As A Greenhouse Gas  More about the general subject of CO2 plus 10 ways to suck CO2 out of the air.
         1.3.6  Energy Returned on Energy Invested   How efficient is your life?
         1.3.7  Population, Energy, and Prosperity

4    Climate Change's Political Aspects.
         1.4.7  Environmentalism's Nuclear Disaster  Environmentalists actually advocated a world full of large coal power plants during the 1970's.
.4.8  Stopping Climate Change   Undoing the environmentalist's switch from nuclear to coal that added so much CO2 to the air so quickly since 1970.