1. Introduction
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Clearing the decks for an unexpected future


The Allam Cycle Power Plant Gives Fossil Fuels A Good Future Again.


  There is far more oil available than most realize - and, with the Allam Cycle, we could be using it for hundreds of years.  



The "Energy + Hydrogen + Biomass Fuel Cycle"


The Allam Thermodynamic Cycle Changes Everything Climate Change




When you innovate for consumer markets, you develop a new product and put it out there to see whether it sells. When you innovate for a supply chain, you find out what problem needs to be solved and you provide a solution. Energy is a supply chain; successful energy innovation needs to solve problems." - E J Moniz.

The problem is fossil carbon in all combustion fuels.  The solution is to make all combustion fuels from carbon-neutral feedstock. Energy + Hydrogen + Biomass facilities are a potentially successful energy innovation. - JP Holm.