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(Better than BECCS. By using nuclear energy to capture the CO2 feedstock and also to process the pyrolyzed biofuel feedstock, we maximize the biosynfuels yield. Click for more.)
ThorCon reactors can simply replace current coal plant boilers and their pollution.  Slide Show   ThorCon Exec_Summary.pdf    Introductory video presented by ThorCon:
There is nothing an operator can do to stop this reactor from shutting itself off if going overtemperature. Nuclear power can be regulated like any other hazardous activity. The best model would be commercial airline travel.

"No Nukes" is the major reason we failed to stop Climate Change.
Not using nukes to fight Climate Change guarantees we will be using nukes to fight each other for food when Climate Change causes our food crops to fail.

How the environmentalists are still bungling Climate Change terribly.

Planet Earth's CO2 has been stable at about 270 ppm (parts of CO2 per million parts of air) since the end of the last ice age about 13,000 years ago. 
This environmental stability produced an "optimal" environment that enabled humans to develop agriculture and civilizations for the first time.
(Click on image, right, to see temperatures of Planet Earth for last 550 million years to see how precious our current climate is compared to the "Ice Ages".)     MORE >   Bungling Climate Change


"We have the best government money can buy". - Mark Twain

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It's high time we become intimately familiar with Generation 4 thorium nuclear technology in all it's glory and shortcomings. ThorCon is an excellent place to start.


   ThorCon Molten Salt Reactor

   Slide Show
   18 Slide introduction to what ThorCon has in mind.

   ThorCon Executive_Summary.pdf 

    69 Page illustrated document with the basic numbers detailing this particular molten salt reactor technology.

    Riding big steam's thermal tiger.


      NuScale: The Bridge Reactor






    Replacing Fossil Energy with Advanced Nuclear Energy









   Nuclear BioSynFuels








   Coal to Nuclear Conversion Example













    Nuclear Hydrogen



















     SEAscrubbing Desalination 










      Why Natural Gas Matters






Disclaimer: This web site is energy talk by an engineer exploring Climate Change's educational concepts, not professional engineering advice.


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