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                                          1. Harvesting Climate Changing CO2 - - - 2. Overview - - - 3. The Scientific Basis - - - 4. The CO2 Harvesting System Technology - - -  5. CO2 Disposal Well Technology 

____________________________________________________________ 1. Harvesting Climate Changing CO2 ____________________________________________________________

(This website is an unsolicited independent engineering suggestion by the website author, James P. Holm, P.E., based upon the following published technical paper: "Ambient weathering of magnesium oxide for CO2 removal from air", which was produced by, and is the sole property of:, Noah McQueen, Peter Kelemen, Greg Dipple, Phil Renforth, & Jennifer Wilcox.)
If too much CO2 in the air is what's going to destroy the world's climates, this idea has the potential to actually save the world - at a reasonable price over a reasonable period of time. And, it doesn't take an Einstein to make it happen.
, or simply 'StoppingClimateChange', is a free and open-source web engineering design project being developed by this web site author as an effort to reduce the carbon dioxide content of the air from it's present 720 parts per million to it's pre-industrial age level of 680 ppm.
The industrial revolution began in earnest about 1800 - 222 years ago - leaving billion of tons of excess CO2 remaining in the air causing the Planet Earth-heating that has brought Climate Change. The Carbon Capture and Sequestration schemes suggested by others so far to remove this CO2 residue remove only comparatively small amounts of the total CO2 exhaust remaining in the air.  If billions of tons of CO2 aren't removed from the air soon using process scale-up methods resembling global agriculture, industrialization, or global war, our goose is cooked - so to speak. The effort appears daunting, but may be do-able.

This website hopes to take what appears to be a good CO2 mitigation idea and create a replicable form of it's implementation that can be inexpensively duplicated as many times as necessary in as many favorable parts of the world as necessary to quickly end Climate Change.
The basic idea of the cited Technical Paper is the property of others and remains unaltered.

Saudi Arabia appears to have optimal climate, terrain, and underground geologies.

Each of the 14 light-colored squares represents a 100 x 100 mile magnesium oxide CO2 capture farm (14 squares = 140,000 sq mi total)
Each square reduces about 10% of the 2030 CO2 Emissions of Planet Earth's combined industrialized nations.
Overpowering Climate Change:
This means we could both halt 100% of annual Climate Change emissions by fossil fuel users who don't give a hoot about making more Climate Change damage
while simultaneously reducing the massive historical backlog of CO2 contamination of air by perhaps 4% annually.