Directory    This website is designing a fuel system to enable all BECCS plants to remove massive amounts of Climate Changing CO2 from the air.  Prolog                     

 You are looking at a photograph of the recently-invented Allam Thermodynamic Cycle power plant that can pump its natural gas CO2 emissions directly into a disposal well in the ground, NOT THE AIR.
Trees grow by removing Climate Changing CO2 from the air. A wood pellet's CO2 can be converted into synthetic natural gas fuel to enable these new power plants to remove Climate Change from the air.



It's proving to be much more difficult to persuade much of the world's populations to decarbonize (stop using fossil fuels) than was first thought.
This Website is suggesting a way we can begin reversing Climate Change's growth now while waiting for the world's countries to completely decarbonize. See Also:     

10 billion tons of CO2 need to be removed from the air every year by 2050 and double that by 2100.
U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine - (quoted by Fred Krupp and Ernest J. Moniz in their article: "Cutting climate pollution isn't enough - we also need carbon removal.") (9/23/2019)

BECCS, a new CO2 removal technology, is considered by many to be a Climate Change 'Savior'.
BECCS = Bio-Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage. BECCS is a new technology which extracts CO2 from biomass (plants) and stores it geologically, thus removing it from the atmosphere)'s-saviour-technology

BECCS technology has just taken a giant leap forward. A much more powerful BECCS tool is the newly-patented Allam power plant. In large numbers, it would be ideal for rolling back massive amounts of Climate Change.
Part rocket, part stationary power plant, part nothing like any engine that's ever run before, each of it's emissions comes out a different pipe. If you know about engines, you'll want to know about this one.
Example Above: This Allam Cycle demonstration engine has been running for over a year. It is a 1/10 size, 30 megaWatt pilot power plant in La Porte, Texas. Toshiba will build the full-size 300 megaWatt commercial version.

Videos describing and explaining the recently invented Allam Cycle:
The Allam Cycle is a new
stationary power plant turbine technology that uses supercritical CO2 instead of steam as its working fluid. As of now, it has been running as a 1/10th size demonstration power plant in La Porte, Texas, since November, 2018. So far, so good.
     The Allam Cycle Engine  
     CarbFix - CO2 Locked in the ground forever. Watch:
     Descriptive Articles:   
See also Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation:  "Technology for the Hydrogen Society"


Here is how BECCS pulls Climate Change back out of the air.

Air's CO2, captured by biomass as it grows, can be permanently recovered and locked underground by Allam Cycle BECCS power plants. 

BECCS is a new technology. . . Wind, solar, hydro, nuclear, coal, oil, natural gas, can't be used to roll back Climate Change.

Just as a world with over 10,000 coal burning power plants was a major cause of Climate Change,
 a decarbonized world with 10,000 biomass-burning BECCS power plants would be a way to roll back Climate Change. *

Another technology that needs to be developed: A GMO-optimized 'Climate Change Supertree',
for Growing, Harvesting, Pelletizing, and Gasification into pipeline grade synthetic natural gas for: 1, Powering BECCS power plants, 2, Rolling back Climate Change, and 3, Heating our cities.



Doing It

Advancing far beyond the 1930s technology most BECCS applications are using today, this new 'Skyscrubber' facility is a second generation BECCS power plant. *Compare*
Advances include:  1. Allam supercritical sCO2 thermodynamic efficiency.  2. On-site Class VI CO2 disposal well.  3. On-site plasma wood pellet gasification capability.  4. On-site syngas-to-methane methanator.  5. On-site 'green' natural gas-to-hydrogen reformer.

Current approaches to carbon capture can actually increase air pollution and are not efficient at reducing carbon in the atmosphere, according to research by Mark Z. Jacobson, in a Stanford University paper - 10/25/19.

Skyscrubber, this website's BECCS power plant, is the first of the second-generation BECCS power plants. It has multiple advancements over first-generation BECCS power plants which were based upon 1930s carbon-capture technology.

A practical, purchasable, BECCS carbon-negative power plant to roll back Climate Change.

Allam Cycle power plants have already been engineered for burning natural gas, coal, and lignite. A wood (biomass) burning BECCS Allam Cycle power plant is what is necessary to remove Climate Changing CO2 from the air.

There are almost unlimited opportunities for locating completely new greenfield electricity power plants now that underground strata for CCS CO2 storage locations have been identified enabling cheap straight-down CO2 disposal via disposal wells located on plant site property. Since water is one of the Allam Cycle's exhaust products, Allam power plants could be located virtually anywhere there is a CO2 disposal strata underground and sufficient biomass available by truck or rail.

Skyscrubber advanced BECCS plant operators can sell: 1, Electricity, 2, 'Green' hydrogen for vehicle fuels, and 3, CO2 offsets.
Advanced features over first generation BECCS:
1. Much better fuel efficiency. 2. On-site CO2 disposal well for cheapest CO2 disposal. 3. On-site Natural Gas Hydrogen Reformer for abundant cheap hydrogen. 4. On-site Natural Gas backup for electricity generation. 5. Up to 1/2 million gallons of fresh water per day as a combustion product. 6. Everything carbon-negative. 7. No environmental emissions.

                                                           Possible Cash Flows For The First Ten Wood BECCS Fuel Processing Systems                                              G65 MSW (Metropolitan Solid Waste) Plasma Unit at Tees Valley Unit 1              


U.S. and Global BECCS CO2 Storage Zones

See CarbFix: CO2 Locked in the ground forever. Watch:   (Skip the ad someone inserted in front of the video.)
If water is added to the liquid CO2 as it is pumped into the ground, the CO2 will turn into limestone after a few years. This locks the CO2 underground forever.

See:  "Geospatial analysis of near-term potential for carbon-negative bioenergy in the United States" by Ejeong Baik, et al.  (pdf)
Locations without carbon disposal will have to rely on renewables
- wind, solar - for their electricity.

The United States' Carbon Capture and Storage Situation
"The United States has the technological potential to offset roughly only a decade’s worth of its current CO2 emissions through biological sequestration (i.e., planting trees, etc.,) but a few hundred years’ worth of emissions through carbon dioxide capture and sequestration." - from Congressional Budget Office "The Potential for Carbon Sequestration in the United States, 2007" - Summary, page 2. 


Doing it might be quicker, cheaper, and easier than we think.

BECCS Could Be Our Climate Change 'Savior' Technology.

City lights mean nearby coal power plants. Over 10,000 Allam BECCS power plants could, over time, roll Climate Change back to 350 ppm or less.
We could build BECCS power plants adjacent to existing coal power plants to roll back Climate Change at minimal delay and cost.

Nearly 300 coal-fired power plants have been "retired" since 2010 in the U.S. alone, according to the Sierra Club.


"Technological fixes are often far simpler, and therefore cheaper, than the doomsayers could have imagined." -  ( From Prologue )

One objective of this website is to communicate that - in many ways - the current Climate Change crisis resembles the world's early 1900s horseshit crisis described in this website's 'Prologue' story. 

Consider this: To a limited extent, until Climate Change is rolled back to 350 ppm, wood will be the new coal.

Here’s an analogy that Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, who helped compile some of the climate research data for the World Bank, likes to use:
"Take the human body. If your temperature rises 2°C, you have a significant fever. If it rises 4°C or 6°C you can die. It’s not a linear change."

Microsoft recently pledged it will become CARBON-NEGATIVE by 2030, plus remove ALL the CO2 the company has put into the air since it was founded in 1975 by 2050, thus removing its carbon footprint.

Author: James P Holm is a Registered Professional Control System Engineer (CA). 40 year work career. On 2 coal and 1 nuclear power plant engineering teams, also an electrical/electronic systems consultant for major pharmaceutical firm. 20 retirement years on Climate Change. Holds 4 patents.