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Attacking Climate Change From Both Ends    Harvesting Climate Changing CO
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Attacking Climate Change From Both Ends
by Adding the Goal Of Restoring Our Climate to it's Natural 280 parts per million CO2 Level by 2050
The current 2050 Climate Change mitigation goals program ignores this objective
This website's purpose is to raise awareness of, and preparation for, what lies beyond successfully completing the "Paris Net Zero Emissions by 2050" agreement.

Tutorial on how the Great Ocean Conveyor Belt works: 

See also:     AR6 Climate Change 2021: 'The Physical Science Basis'    The full 2021 IPCC AR6 report is now available for downloading.

The 'Climate Change Agenda' as it is now is divided.

Part 1 is the most important thing mankind should be doing, but part 2 should be enhancing part 1 efforts.
Part 2 (Large Scale Direct Air CO2 Capture and Sequestration) should be implemented concurrently with Part 1 and as insurance against major Part 1 failures.
All IPCC pathways that limit global warming to 1.5C by 2050 currently include small amounts of Direct CO2 removal from the atmosphere - with up to 20 billion tons per year of atmospheric CO2
removal if necessary to achieve that target. That means we may have to be removing CO2 from the atmosphere at a rate of up to half of current total global emissions by 2050.
Scaling up Part 2 (Direct Air Capture) should not impact Part 1 funds.

Man's Fossil Fuel Burning Has Been Making Excess CO2 For Over 270 Years.

How using the atmosphere as a disposal sewer for fossil fuel's CO2 over many years while building and powering the modern industrial countries polluted the air.
We did it because we could and we didn't know any better. Occasionally, coal smoke's ' SMOG ' would kill large numbers of people but the reason still eluded most people.


Which Countries Have Been Causing the Most Excess CO2 in the Air's Natural CO2 Level?

Cumulative CO2 emissions by world region.


How Much of the Man-made Excess CO2 Remains Added to the Air's Natural CO2?


Where does the Legacy Excess CO2 go?



What If 2050 Fails?  How We Attack Both Ends:  2050 + BIG CARBON CAPTURE

Without help for oil-producing countries, net zero by 2050 is a distant dream        (224 pages)

This 2021 International Energy Agency study calls for capturing and storing 4 Billion tons of CO2 (4 Gt CO2) per year by 2035, 7.6 Billion tons of CO2 (7.6 Gt CO2) per year by 2050. - p20


Big Carbon Capture: The Post-2050 500 Billion Ton Direct Air CO2 Capture.  
Restoring The Air To It's
Original Natural 280 ppm CO
2 Level.
An Achilles heel of the world's current mad dash to waste mass biofuels is the long-term depletion of organic replenishment of soil nutrients.
Direct Air CO2 Capture Technologies

These are currently commercialized prototype technologies for removing the legacy 500 Billion Tons of CO2 from the air that's causing the Climate Change you are feeling today.


About re-establishing the original 280 parts per million of CO2 in the air
Since the end of the last Ice Age, the world has had a natural 280 ppm of CO2 in the air.  Not too hot, not too cold. 
Among other things, 280 ppm kept the world from turning into 'Snowball Earth'

 We have to remove the Legacy Excess CO2 remaining in the air to reset Planet Earth's Thermostat back to where it should be.


Restoring Planet Earth's Temperature To The 'Benign Climate Period' Is Mankind's Only Practical Future.

The world's temperature has been all over the thermometer but we like it best at 280 parts CO2 per million or 0 C.


Understanding Climate Change: Keeping Climate Change Terms Sorted Out -
Concepts Used Frequently In Climate Change Part 1 and Less Frequently In Climate Change Part 2


Cement, iron and steel, and chemicals account for about 20 percent of global CO2 emissions.
Emissions from these industries are notoriously difficult to abate because, in addition to emissions associated with energy use, a significant portion of industrial emissions come from the process itself.


Understanding How Fire Works
Why Can't Energy Companies Invent Carbon-free Fossil Fuels?  They Can't.  See Below.

The 'Thermal View' diagram above shows why carbon's essential contribution to fire will always give it a key place in the world's Energy Pantheon.


Carbon Deposits of Planet Earth

Our Energy Future: We will have to learn to render harmless the fossil fuels we can't learn to live without.

    Allam Cycle Big Clean Fossil Fuel Combustion Electricity  


How Much Carbon Dioxide Is Your Favorite Fossil Fuel Emitting?

Only carbon-neutral wood and carbon-free hydrogen are safe default burning candidates as fuels of the forever future.
Coal, Oil, and Natural Gas were the easy-pickin' energies.




Comments about this website

As it happens, this website will be emerging over the next several months in much the same manner as a blog. It will be the writings of an engineer who has had several career encounters with Climate Change since the mid-1950s - before it was generally realized Climate Change existed - had a name, and, until the 1990s, was not considered an existential threat to humanity. While vague hints of long-term changes in the weather were detected as early as the mid-1800s but not realized as significant, the changes brought about by Climate Change between 1990 and today have been startling. For the author, it's as if he has moved at least 200 miles south. The changes between today, 2030, 2040, and 2050 have the potential to be far more startling in both the climate we will experience and humanity's response to it. Now, scientists, policy makers and military analysts increasingly believe that climate change is also leading to rapid globally destabilizing events like drought-driven mass migrations, civil wars and other forms of mass societal unrest. These circumstances make implementing as many full-size Direct Air CO2 Capturing installations as possible imperative now, not justifying leisurely waiting until after a formal assessment of the final results of the Paris decarbonization agreements post 2050.

The inspiration for revising my 'Hobby Web Site' along it's present lines emerged from a paper written by Noah McQueen, Peter Kelemen, Greg Dipple, and Jennifer Wilcox: "Ambient weathering of magnesium oxide for CO2 removal from air", Published by NATURE COMMUNICATIONS | (2020)11:3299 | |   Nature Communications  
An excellent color pdf of the paper is available for downloading from the internet.
 Please visit and download your own free pdf Creative Commons copy of this paper for your personal understanding and reference.

Your author is a long-retired registered control system engineer with project management experience in multiple heavy industrial process application projects who is suggesting an industrialized agricultural variant of the above basic magnesite Direct Air CO2 Capture idea. It appears to be well-suited for use within the economic and cultural contexts of many of the 180 or so countries of the world having largely agriculture-based economies. By having CO2 farming local, we keep the money and concern for correct repairing of the air local everywhere in the world. - Earth & Environment


"Climate change poses an existential threat to our lives, to our economy, and the threat is here. It's not going to get any better.
We can stop it from getting worse."

Joe Biden, President of the United States via Reuters