Presented largely for my own edification, simple images about Advanced Energy Systems in the face of Climate Change, Rising Demand, and Legacy Infrastructure.
The world is on the wrong path thinking wind and solar can stop Climate Change.  87% of man's energy comes from heat, not electricity.

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Stopping Climate Change    (16 slides) 
Cleaning Up EPA-Outlawed Coal Power Plants with an Almost Off-The-Shelf Hybrid Carbon Capture System  >
Environmentalism's NUCLEAR DISASTER:  Advocating Coal Power Plants Instead of Nuclear Power Plants  >       

Advanced Carbon-Negative Carbon Capture:  2 Very different ways to pull Climate Change OUT of the air to obtain
carbon-neutral CO2 for synthesizing combustion fuels (gasoline, diesel, jet) based upon methanol.

"Skyscrubber", Nuclear Powered Climate Change Remover  >          

A classic example of BECCS (Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage), regarded by many as the only way to stop Climate Change.

How Carbon-Negative Carbon Capture Pulls Climate Change OUT of the Air  more>
Both biofuel oil and pumped oil are perfect fuels for carbon capture.  Compared to coal, they are very easy to make Oxyfuel clean.  more>  more>


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