Electricity from Nuclear.   Fire from Biofuels.

Climate Change is a chemistry problem.                         Advancing Energy Systems in the face of Climate Change, Rising Energy Demand, and Legacy Infrastructure.

Initial executive summary:

Two senior scientists with chemistry backgrounds, Dr. George A. Olah and Dr. Charles W. Forsberg, suggest synthesizing CO2-neutral biofuels by using CO2 feedstock from the air.
Both scientists cover the subject extremely well but in different ways. The image above presents their shared concepts showing a future where Climate Change has been stopped.

Fossil fuel fires will disappear one way or another in the long run. Most of industrial civilization's electrical and heat energy will be supplied by a nuclear-hydrogen-biomass system.
Our heat will originate as nuclear fission, be stored in CO2-neutral biomass molecules made from air's CO2, and be released as it is now - as fire, as needed, by CO2-neutral combustion.
Nuclear heat is the only plentiful practical thermal alternative to fossil fuel heat. Doing this on a global scale will consume massive amounts of nuclear fuel. 
Fortunately, we have all the nuclear fuel we will ever need, several better ways to dispose of nuclear's waste, and, best of all, the technologies to make it all happen fast already exist.

Dr. Forsberg's slides show how: Nuclear Hydrogen Biomass System - Slides - Dr Charles W. Forsberg .pdf    Nuclear Hydrogen Biomass System - Paper - Dr Charles W. Forsberg .pdf
Conclusion: There is sufficient biomass to meet U.S. liquid-fuel needs if the energy and hydrogen inputs for biomass-to-fuel processing plants are provided by advanced nuclear energy.

This site describes how mankind can progress to the above image while still having the abundant disposable energy - both nuclear and combustion - necessary for all to live comfortably.

Neither Dr. Olah nor Dr. Forsberg have any connection to, this web site.
Your author, an EE, is working to stop Climate Change by identifying and describing to the public the industrial equipment he thinks will be needed to make the above vision a reality.

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