This web site is a NOTEBOOK about engineering Advanced Energy Systems in the face of Climate Change, Rising Demand, and Legacy Infrastructure.
KEY 1:  Climate Change is a one-way trip.  To undo Climate Change the ice in the glaciers and polar ice caps must be restored.
KEY 2: The world is on the wrong path thinking wind and solar can stop Climate Change.  87% of our energy comes from heat, not electricity.

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  Stopping Climate Change
Coal Power Plants:
Environmentalism's Nuclear Disaster  >       
The first step away from coal: 40 CFR Parts 60, 70, 71, et al.  Salvaging EPA-Outlawed Coal Power Plants  >

Advanced Carbon-Negative Carbon Capture.  2 Very Different Examples of pulling Climate Change OUT of the Air
"Skyscrubber", Nuclear Powered Climate Change Remover  >          

Carbon Negative Carbon Capture: Pulling Climate Change OUT of the Air  more>
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Depleted oil patch oil is the perfect fuel for carbon capture.    more>    more>


Disclaimer: This web site is energy talk by an engineer exploring Climate Change educational concepts, not professional engineering advice. contact  co