-       Stopping Climate Change through the eyes of a Control System engineer.       -       Getting our fire from fission.

Creating basic images for the public about Advanced Energy Systems in the face of Climate Change, Rising Energy Demand, and Legacy Infrastructure has become a real adventure.
I tried taking a mental leap forward
(as Einstein used to do) to a future after climate change had ended and then, since I knew what to look for, taking a look back to learn how we got there.
Wind, solar, electric cars, etc., were essential stepping-stones to ending the world's use of finite fossil fuel fires, enabling us to move to the almost infinite energy world depicted above. 
Why the Fire From Fission theme?  Fossil fuel fires will disappear in the long run. Most of mankind's electrical and heat energy will be indirectly supplied by advanced nuclear fission.
Our heat will come from nuclear fission, be stored in CO2-neutral biomass molecules made from air's CO2, and be released as it is now - as fire, as needed, by CO2-neutral combustion.
This web site is about how we can get from here to the above image while still having the INCREASED disposable energy - both nuclear and combustion - necessary for living comfortably.
Same idea from a real authority:  Nuclear Hydrogen Biomass System - Slides - Dr Charles W. Forsberg .pdf     Nuclear Hydrogen Biomass System - Paper - Dr Charles W. Forsberg .pdf
Nuclear energy will be needed in massive amounts to make the above vision a reality.  Fortunately, we have all the fuel we will ever need and a better way to dispose of nuclear's waste.
Obtaining sufficient carbon neutral CO2 is going to call for recycling with a vengeance.

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Carbon Capture: Two Ways to pull
Climate Changing CO2 OUT of the Air

1.  Nuclear Powered Direct Air CO2 Capture (DACC)

(Has to be powered by very high temperature ADVANCED NUCLEAR.)

 "Skyscrubber", Nuclear Powered Direct Air CO2 Capture System  >        

2.  Biofuel Energy Carbon Capture and Sequestration (BECCS)

(This image illustrates the very best we can do WITHOUT nuclear.)

Adding CO2 capture equipment to the U.S. Capitol's power house.    To Article  >
"The Congress of the United States should not only be a model for the nation, but also a good neighbor." - - - Nancy Pelosi
We can make our Capitol the world's first "super-green" CARBON-NEGATIVE capitol.

Emissions and Fuel Agile City-size Electricity Plant
Shown below is a concept similar to above, natural gas or oil combined cycle electricity generation with optional carbon capture, appears to be the best approach for cleaner global electricity power plants until mass-produced "cheaper than coal" molten salt modular nuclear power plants become generally available.  This type of generation is the preferred way to supplement grid connected intermittent wind and solar installations.
To article explaining the environmental and economic advantages of combined cycle electricity  > )

Amine flow in the above type of scrubber: 
A good tutorial paper on conventional amine carbon capture has been posted on the internet by the WorleyParsons Company:
  Carbon Capture Overview (3).pdf

 Introducing clean replacements for Natural Gas, Gasoline, Diesel, and Jet Fuel.

Renewable Methanol: Fire fuel molecules that can be CO2-neutral and cheap to synthesize.
(Below) The CO2-neutral "Meth" molecules we can make from CO2 (from air) + Hydrogen and Oxygen (from water) and burn in today's cars instead of Gasoline or Ethanol.
Natural Gas IS Methane so while it would be CO2-neutral, its combustion characteristics would remain the same.
A similar propane-like molecule, dimethyl ether, makes a good substitute for Diesel (it has a higher Cetane index).

         (Gas) CO2-neutral Natural Gas Replacement                     (Liquid) CO2-neutral Gasoline Substitute  (Like Gasoline, it's toxic.)

 Flex-Fuel cars (Gasoline and/or Ethanol E85) could have their computers reprogrammed to include Methanol M85.        
Methanol is cheap. "If you want economy, use methanol.  If you want range, use gasoline.  If you want neither, use ethanol."
        METHANOL - Proponents of Methanol Economy win 1 Million Dollar Prize .pdf                        Methanol Institute: 

Like ethanol, methanol is a member of the alcohol family.  Your author would be less than honest if he did not point out that, like gasoline, methanol is toxic.

"Methanol has the ability to liberate humankind from its dependence on fossil fuels for transportation and hydrocarbon products by allowing these to be produced by a technical hydrogenative recycling of CO2, supplementing and in many aspects eliminating limitations of nature’s photosynthetic cycle." -- Olah, George A,  Beyond Oil and Gas: The Methanol Economy (pp. 181-182). Wiley. Kindle Edition.


Taking on TAICHUNG, the world's largest single source of CO2.
"If it isn't cheaper than coal, forget it!"  ThorCon shows just how expensive obsolete coal is.
Repowering the world's 1,200 existing mega-coal plants using the ThorCon Molten Salt Nuclear Reactor.  >

If you are willing to make the effort of reading ThorCon's entire web site, you will understand the world has an opportunity to quickly stop most of it's current coal burning forever - that's about 1/3 of ALL current CO2 emissions.  ThorCon's design philosophy conquers our common enemy: TIME. 

ThorCon is also a great system for preempting the developing world's planned 2,440 new mega coal plants.


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